The story of Vectorize

At first sight, our story may sound like any other—not so
different, and not that unique. We graduated from college, and like most other fresh graduates, we felt a little lost. We were trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives.

She gave up her first job that she only held for nine months. She also gave up a senior position that she was offered, after only one year of work experience—She did this despite being in debt.

The Math Of All Trades

He was working as a full time engineer, trying to successfully manage the tasks and requirements of his job along with Vectorize.

El Capitan

He felt guilty for being jobless at 28 with no secure income. He was also harshly criticized by family members for the slow progress that was being made at Vectorize.

We had an idea, for what we hoped would eventually turn into a business. We started discussing the idea with our families and close friends, and most, if not all, of the feedback we received was simply discouraging.

Practically no one was able to think of a positive scenario for Vectorize, even if it meant being seemingly “unrealistic,” they were simply not willing to stretch their imaginations.

—   Albert Einstein

The interactions that we had with family and friends made us realize that we were defying all conventions and standards. We are supposed to follow rules. We are supposed to do something that we hate for at least three years, before having the courage to establish a place like Vectorize; We are expected to follow the path that the majority is following.

Instead of discouraging us, however, this has made us believe a bit more in our concept.

This is why we founded Vectorize. We want to offer you a safe space where you can bring your imagination to life.

As an individual, or as a corporation, you get in touch with us and you give us a brief about the idea that you have in mind/the project that you want to work on. We, then, book you in with one of our designers.

Consulting with the designer should result in the following: a rough sketch of the idea that you have in mind, the size/dimensions of the object (s), and the material that the object(s) will be printed in

After sharing the timeline with you, the designer would send you two suggestions for the design via email

We start printing the idea for you. Your object is, then, delivered to you.